The Legend of The Idaho Bigfoot

This website serves one purpose and one purpose only:  a reference created for my family and friends using the best resources I could find on the internet and provide a gateway.  I often find myself in a debate with someone who has never researched this topic, yet dismisses my knowledge
of it, and is convinced this is nothing more than a myth.  In Idaho it's more.  It's a legend.  A legend that has haunted the forests since man settled this great state. Those who disagree are in serious need of such a resource.   The vast, rugged terrain of the Idaho forests would have no problem housing and hiding a large biped primate.  Maybe even a few species.  Who knows, but once in a while, one of those secrets reveals itself.  THE FOLLOWING STORIES WILL at least provide intrigue while finally educating the reader's dumb ass on the topic.   The Legendary Creature in the Woods is real.  There is more proof for the existence of Bigfoot than there is against it.   To all who call Idaho home and have wondered if Sasquatch does too, I present Idaho Bigfoot.  

The state of Idaho is between four states; the states of coastal Washington and Oregon, and the states of Montana and Wyoming, otherwise known as Big Sky country.  Idaho is a part of the Pacific Northwest. It reaches clear up to the Canadian border.  Idaho's national forest region is  some of the richest pine tree  forests on earth. Sasquatch sightings have always been common throughout this state; in the southeastern region, the western border and all the way up north, to an area known as the pan handle, there have been reports of encounters with large hairy bipeds.  Idahoans are no stranger to Bigfoot.  Idaho has some of the richest oral and written history of any state.  And with more and more interest growing on a national scale, it was time to tell the tales of Idaho and it's history of Bigfoot.

Idaho Bigfoot is a comprehensive collection on of all things Bigfoot in the state of Idaho.  This site showcases the legends, news reports and sightings that have been recorded throughout the history of this state. It is the most concentrated source of information regarding the bigfoot phenomena within and near the borders of Idaho.  Idaho Bigfoot is not evidence and theory.  It is not fact. It's a revelation regarding the magical vastness of the Idaho forests, and how little we know about them. From top to bottom, Idaho has had some strange occurrences in its woods.  No matter how far you go back throughout it's history, it's clear that strange phenomena is innate on our deep forest and Idaho is no exception. 

In fact, there are a few different sources  that are worth getting a hold of and researching.  This site provides the first, being our former President Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was an author, world traveler and expert huntsman whose Idaho travels left him with sleepless nights and a story that alludes to a forest monster that could only be Sasquatch .  He was not one to fear the night, but his recollection of the occurrence is more than telling.  You can read all about it in our Legends section.   

David Paulides' 411 Missing books are a fascinating read on missing persons from our nation's most rural areas.  His Idaho accounts only add to the Bigfoot Lore.  Paulides never comes out and names Bigfoot as the perpetrator, but one is left spooked by the commonalities of each account.  Paulides painstakingly long and arduous undertaking is some of the most compelling reasoning behind the existence of Sasquatch in recent years.  What probably started as a Sasquatch kidnap theory within the forests of the United States has turned into an international spotlight on the missing, their similarities and the ever present question on why our National Forest Service refuses to keep an active database on these cases.  Is their a cover up?  The last thing our Forest Service is going to do is chip into their tourist dollars by announcing there's an apeman running around the forest and you stand a chance of losing your child.  Agreed?

Forensic Artist Harvey Pratt Does the Bigfoot Sketches in Paulides first books, The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot - Both excellent reads, and needless to say, filled with phenomenal sketches.

And now for everything that's

This Bigfoot cast was discovered in Keuterville, Idaho. It was found by a 13 year old boy on his families property. The original print was cast by Brian Smith on July 11, 2001.

This cast is unique in that it shows mushroomed toes, dermal ridges, skin folds and creases and what may be toe nails.

Some have called this the best Bigfoot track.

This track measures approximately 14.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide.

(This picture of Sasquatch was reportedly taken in Idaho from a moving truck.)

I would encourage anyone to 

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